Grooming Gift Set

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A gift box full of skincare goodies perfect is he has super sensitive skin or the eco conscious man, an ideal gift for Father's Day!

Our newest product Frankincense & Rosemary Face & Beard Oil! This oil is created with a blend of organic aromatherapy oils which promote healthy skin and strengthen beards. The beauty of using essential oils is that they benefit the skin and create a sense of wellbeing. Our formula has a similar structure to the oil in your skin, allowing it to be more readily absorbed. These particular oils Frankincense and Rosemary create a woody earthy aroma, with a slight sweetness. Frankincense has natural astringent properties gently tightening the skin and regenerating skin cells keeping it youthful, it reduces blemishes and scarring. Frankincense also stimulates hair growth and leaves it with a healthy shine. If you suffer from ingrowing hairs this is the oil for you, as it helps remove the hair but also treats the inflammation. Rosemary is packed with antioxidants, it improves circulation which improves your skin tone and complexion.

Our Bath Salts are made from Epsom Salts which ease and detox aching muscles great after a heard day at work or a grooling session at the gym.

And our popular Man Balm with a range of uses can be applied to moisturise lips, soften hands, tame unruly beards or as an after shave balm. Jojoba is gently enough to be used on the most sensitive skin, its anti inflammatory and helps sooth skin while moisturising. It's soft balm texture will melt with the touch of your finger tips.