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Candle Care

There are a number of things you can to to maximise the burn time you get from your candle -

On the first burn allow the wax to melt the full way out to the jar, not allowing the melt the full way can cause tunnelling meaning most of you candle ends up wasted.

Only burn for the time suggested by the manufacturer, we recommend 2-4 hours for our 30cl candles. Burning for longer has no addition benefit.

Trim your wick to 4 mm before lighting, wicks which are too long create a bigger flame which in turn will melt through the wax faster. Wicks that are too big dance and emit smoke if this happen blow out the candle and allow to cool before trimming the wick.

Keep your candle on a flat fire resistant surface, once lit it is best not to move your candle as  you could create a spillage or create a fire hazard. Don't leave your candle ontop of stoves or other hot surfaces. Don't burn you candle in drafty areas. 

Once finished using replace your lid once the candle has cooled and solidified, this prevents the build up of dust. Keep out of direct sunlight as they can be sensitive to heat and light

Remeber to keep out of reach of children and pets.