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Why I don’t use essential oils in candles…

For years essential oils have been used for their amazing properties benefiting both physical and mental issues. And when I began making candles I was so determined the scents would come from essential oils but here is why I decided differently in the end.

My first concern was when using soy wax it must be heated to 70 degrees centigrade (this will vary depending on the wax), when creating a skincare product essential oils are added at the final stages when the product is at its coolest (generally 25-30 degrees).

Essential oils have different compositions, so when an oil is heated it will react depending on its structure.  This will depend on the specific oil and its properties but some will evaporate, some will lose any therapeutic benefits and some can become toxic. Remember just because something comes from a natural source does not mean it cannot be harmful.

I still went ahead and made test candles with essential oils which I knew were safe to do so and I’ll be honest the results were disappointing I had to use ridiculous amounts of oil to get a good scent throw and even then it did not smell like the essential oil.

My next avenue was to look at fragrance oils, these are specifically for candles and are compatible with wax, high temperatures and being burned. I want to create candles which are safe and give off a subtle scent without overpowering the room. My advice if you would like to burn essential oils is to use a diffuser!

If you have ever purchased one of my candles you’ll have seen the CLP information (Classification, Labeling and Packaging), it’s not the prettiest of labels with lots of text but it’s a legal requirement. Every candle (unless un-fragranced) should have warning information and it must be visible when the candle is upright (so not on the bottom!). I work very hard / diligently to adhere to regulations at all times and it's disheartening when lots of companies don’t.

Regulations are there for the good and wellbeing of the customer, yet they are often being blatantly ignored by companies who can afford to comply. Or when companies know it is in the best interest of their customers to display this information as regulations stipulate, yet they choose to ignore it, you have to wonder why.